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Are you ready to discover your ideal fitness life?

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The Online Fitness Prospector package has been discontinued as of May 2024

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Introducing my first online service – Online Fitness Prospector

With this blog I’m thrilled to be launching my first online service.

I thought an article would be a great way to explain my Online Fitness Prospector and how it helps you discover your ideal fitness life.

What’s NOT involved

Let me explain firstly what’s NOT involved.

We won’t be doing one-to-one personal training sessions live over zoom.

If that turns out to be what you need down the track though we can certainly discuss it at the end of the Online Fitness Prospector program.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re approaching or over 50 and you get the vibe that exercise is important but need to know more.
  • Your health and self-care are low (or don’t even appear!) on the list of priorities in your busy and demanding life.
  • You need information and guidance on what is most important for over 50s but you don’t have time to trawl the internet and social media to find it.

Getting a personal trainer is not for everyone

You could hire a personal trainer for one-to-one support, but this doesn’t appeal to you at all.

You don’t want a trainer to stand over you or watch you on screen while you train.

But the expertise of a trainer, as well as the motivation and accountability of personal training would be great for you.

But you are ready to:

  • Feel stronger, fitter, healthier, energised – just better.
  • Understand your barriers and find YOUR way to exercise regularly.
  • Stick with an exercise program because it’s made just for you and fits into your busy life.

Why the Online Fitness Prospector is for you

You need guidance but you don’t want to hire a personal trainer long term to stand over you while you exercise.

More than just a standard workout, you want a trainer to understand your individual needs, help you identify your barriers and fit exercise into your life.

Providing a customised workout that makes use of what you have (or don’t have) – be that equipment at home or a gym membership.

What will you get?

  • The Online Fitness Prospector runs over 6 weeks.
  • After purchasing you’ll get an email from my online store with links to my calendar to book all your sessions.
  • Session 1 Day 1 – we’ll meet on Zoom for the ‘Getting to know you’ session (1 hour). Afterwards I will develop a workout just for you, making use of what you have.
  • Session 2 will be 2-3 days later – we’ll meet again on Zoom (1 hour) to demonstrate and discuss your workout and how it will fit into your week.
  • Your program will be provided in written format and you’ll have access to high quality technical video demonstrations of the exercises that you can refer to when you’re doing the workout.
  • You’ll spend a week using the program to see how it works for you.
  • Session 3 will be one week later – we’ll meet again on Zoom (30 minutes) to discuss how the program is going and whether any tweaks are needed.
  • Session 4 will be four weeks later – our final meet up on Zoom (30 minutes) to see if adjustments are needed, discuss how exercise is fitting into your life and your plans for ongoing motivation and accountability.

Program overview

Session Focus Aims
1 Getting to know you Your current health, mobility and exercise issues (1 hour)
The 10 pre-exercise considerations – which ones are key for you?
Fact finding for your tailored workout.
Identify a simple activity to do while I prepare your workout.
2 A workout just for you 2-3 days after Session 1 (1 hour)
Your customised workout demonstration.
Me to you and you to me – for your confidence and technique.
3 How do you feel? One week after Session 2 (30 minutes)
In depth review of your workout.
Are adjustments required?
How did you go fitting into your life?
Is it sustainable for you?
How will you stay committed?
4 Check in Four weeks after Session 3 (30 minutes)
Has your workout become part of your life over the month?
Are you motivated to do more exercise?
Do you have options for ongoing accountability and progression?

I’m an educator-personal trainer

As I say in my LinkedIn profile – In a nutshell, I’m an educator.

It’s what I was born to do and the common thread in what might seem a convoluted journey.

Nursing was my first career. Then I decided to be a scientist and ultimately became a university chemistry lecturer. Now I’m a personal trainer.

Online Fitness Prospector reflects my calling to education.

It’s about us working together to empower you with knowledge and skills to make exercise a valued part of your life.

How to sign up

Follow the link to my Online Fitness Prospector page to learn more and sign up.

When you click the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken to my online store.

Purchase will trigger an email with everything you need to do to get onboard and discover your ideal fitness life.

Launch special

I’m celebrating the launch of my first online service with a great special offer until the end of the month.

Use the discount code DEC2022 to save $100 until 31st December 2022!

Not sure if it’s for you?

If you’re not ready to get started, that’s okay.

Keep in touch and follow FiftyFitness for lots of tips and information for over 50s.

You can book a discovery call, email me at or connect via social media.

I’m on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

You can have a read of my previous blogs here 🙂

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