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About FiftyFitness

My name is Kate Rowen, personal trainer and founder of FiftyFitness. I was a late starter with exercise and am now, in my fifties, the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.

Like many of you, I have osteoarthritis and manage it by maintaining strength and mobility. I understand the struggles we face in middle age.

I help over 50s improve their fitness to get more out of life now and take better health into older age, because I believe we can be over 50 and better than ever!

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How FiftyFitness can help you

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Strength and Fitness

  • Feel great and energised
  • Endurance and strength for your favourite activities (golf, hiking, cycling, anything really)
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Improve mobility

  • Managing osteoarthritis and injuries, including coaching with your physio exercises
  • Better physicality in older age
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Improve general health

  • Enjoy numerous benefits to physical health
  • Take better health into older age
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Well-being and mental health

  • Take time out from your daily demands to de-stress
  • Feel good about yourself
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A unique value personal trainer

Care and concern for people drew me into nursing as a school leaver back in the 1980s. Curiosity and love of learning led me to science, eventually leading to a PhD in organic chemistry. Being a personal trainer is an extension of my career as an educator. For 15 years I was a university chemistry lecturer. These decades of learning and life experience make me a unique package as a personal trainer.




Fitness Trainer

A headshot of Kate Rowen, smiling

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I wish to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians of the land where I live, work and exercise, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation.