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Health Do you need pelvic health physiotherapy? Don’t hesitate – it’s awkward but enlightening In this article I relate my experience of consulting a pelvic health physiotherapist to shed light on what's involved and how it can help. Kate Rowen Jul 14, 2024 5 min read Health Personal What the hell just happened? The day I wet my pants skipping! In this article I share a personal story of wetting my pants while skipping and how I learned what the hell was happening to me. Kate Rowen Jun 30, 2024 4 min read Fitness Health Are you supple? The importance of flexibility and how to improve it If you’ve seen other articles from my blog, you may know that I believe in another aspect of fitness – serenity. This is all about how exercise can make us feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. Kate Rowen Jun 3, 2024 5 min read Education Fitness What is stamina and why do we need it over 50? Also known as endurance, stamina is one of the 3 Ss of fitness. In this article I explain what stamina is and why we need it over 50. Kate Rowen May 2, 2024 4 min read Education Fitness Why the strength aspect of fitness is critical and how to improve it Those of you familiar with my work will know I believe there is another aspect of fitness that I call serenity. Kate Rowen Apr 15, 2024 4 min read Education Cortisol – the good, the bad and surprising things you need to know I know that the molecular structure of anything makes it do what it does and that’s why I’m always curious. Kate Rowen Mar 31, 2024 5 min read
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